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Tropicality- Houses by Andra Matin

Tropicality- Houses by Andra Matin

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The first monograph from Indonesia's most celebrated and exciting architect, showcasing a selection of his best residential projects, including his own astonishing home.


Tropicality: Houses by Andra Matin brings together sixteen of the best houses designed by the architect and his studio over the last two decades. Chosen for their exquisite craftsmanship and lush tropicality, each house represents the architect's vision of relaxed living and innate feeling for tactile materials. These are cool environments, in every sense of the word, that exist effortlessly in harmony with their surroundings.

From a house elevated on stilts that’s completely open to the outdoors, to one topped with a giant, overhanging concrete roof, to a hexagonal weekend villa hidden among the trees, these are homes that will delight and inspire anyone with an interest in beautiful spaces.

Working in a tropical climate in a huge country where the architecture scene is often overlooked, Andra Matin has come to redefine indoor-outdoor living. His work is widely admired across the region, but many of his projects have rarely been seen. Matin's novel approach, revealed here in his first English-language monograph, has much to teach—especially as it continues to gain momentum and relevance in a warming world.

Author Andra Matin is Indonesia's best-known and most lauded architect. Born in Bandung, he studied at Parahyangan University in his hometown, before setting up his namesake practice in 1998. This is his first English-language book. '

Hardcover, pp 256 pages, 275 color illustrations, size: 10.25 in x 11.875 in

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